Stamos S.A. is a family company established in 1974 with a long tradition in the distribution of Photo Equipment, Pro AV solutions and Electronics. Through an extensive network of sales people and wholesalers, Stamos SA services more than 3000 shops and professionals in the Photo, Cine, Electronics & Food markets.

A constant effort over the decades to satisfy partners’ needs and offer a top class aftersales service has established Stamos S.A. as a reliable supplier for professionals and retailers. At the same time, Stamos S.A. has been proven a successful and credible distribution partner for numerous multinational companies, offering wide distribution and important market share in all cases. Stamos S.A.’s key activities are:

▪ The distribution of DNP (Dai Nippon Printing) solutions in the Photo/Retail markets of Greece & Cyprus
▪ The distribution of SONY High-End Photo and Video products in the Greek Photo & Pro AV markets
▪ The representation of well known International brands in the Greek Photo & Electronics markets